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Parent Testimonials

“The teachers are amazing -- guiding and nurturing my children. When I drop the kids off at school in the morning, I know, without a doubt, that they are safe, happy and thriving! Learning life skills and becoming not just better students but better people.”   Michele, Rowlett

“We are so happy with Kingston and the progress our son has made in Montessori. Geography and Math are two of his favorite materials to work with. He also enjoys his library time and reading to the younger children. The teachers are very nurturing and are dedicated to the development of each child.”  Michelle, Rockwall

“My son's experience at Kingston has been incredible!!  He feels so independent as he is learning to do so many things for himself.  He loves to learn new lessons and graduate to each next level.  When my three year old started sounding out and reading words, I knew he was at the right school!!!  More importantly, though, it's fun and he loves to go to school every day.”   Darla Abrego, Rockwall

“Kingston Montessori is a small, intimate school that provides a nurturing yet challenging environment for children. Our decision to put our 3 year old in Kingston is validated daily, as he is developing skills that will help him to embrace a love of learning while being in a secure and loving environment.  When you walk into the school, it is so peaceful, though the children are working and playing.  We are impressed with our son learning to take pride and ownership in what he does.  He is happy to tell you about "his work" he did that day.  The teachers are truly wonderful.  They lead by example and guide the students with respect and patience.  We feel blessed to have Kingston Montessori to help in shaping our child.”   The Moffatts, Fate

“Our son has attended Kingston Montessori Academy during its first year in operation.  Kingston is a beautiful facility with every room full of Montessori teaching tools for the children. The Montessori teaching methods have met our learning expectations for our son.  This time last year, he had all the skills necessary to begin reading, but was not interested in reading for us at home.  Within three weeks at Kingston, his teacher had him reading and he was enjoying it.  At 6 years old, he has painted, drawn and colored multiple world maps.  He is adding, subtracting, and beginning to multiply his numbers, and his writing is beautiful.  The key factor is that he really enjoys going to school.”
Brett and DeAnna, Rockwall

““Eric and I looked extensively in the Rockwall area for a preschool for our daughter, Kate.  One that would suit her personality and one that would provide her every opportunity to learn in science, math, reading, and social skills.  Kate eagerly awaits to go to school to do her “work.”  Her teacher, Mrs. Linda Heath, knows her strengths and uses them to engage her in her work. Have you ever seen a child take off running for a teacher?  Well, ours did.  She truly loves her teacher.  I know she is safe, needs met, challenged, and happy at Kingston.  As a parent, I have helped with other parents at school functions, brought library books and flowers to arrange, and attended once a month park play dates.  The school and parent's group have held several functions from a Halloween craft's party to family Thanksgiving dinners, to Christmas programs and parties.  The other families are dedicated, involved, and fun.  I am truly grateful for this community and treasure any time that I am able to spend at the school.  As a student, Kate has matured both socially and mentally since she started attending Kingston.  I often hear positive comments about Kate being smart, verbal, and confident from Sunday school teachers and extended family.  Part of her growth is her schooling.  Well the secret is out.  We hope your family finds a home here at Kingston too.”  Tracy Von Gonten, Rockwall