We at Kingston Montessori thank you for your interest in sharing and entrusting your most valuable treasure with us; your child.
We strive to serve our families well, as they too begin the educational journey, and we invite your child to join our respectful, mixed-age environment that embraces each unique individual.

Hours of Operation, Arrival, and Departure

The hours of operation are:            Monday thru Friday                               7:00 am thru 5:30 pm 

Children arrive for school:                           8:30 am                        depart:      11:30 am or 3:00 pm

Extended Hours are:                     AM: 7:00 am thru 8:30 am                  PM: 3:00 pm thru 3:30 pm


Attendance Programs

Kingston's school year is September through May. Summer Program is June, July and August.

Toddler (18 months - 36 months)          Primary (3 years - 4 years)          Kindergarten (5 years +)                                

Toddler and Primary classes are 5 or 3 Day programs, optional Full or Half Day. Kindergarten is a 5 Full Day program.   

5 Full Day                            3 Full Day                            8:30 am thru 3:00 pm                         

5 Half Day                          3 Half Day                           8:30 am thru 11:30 am

3 Day attendance is comprised of any three consecutive days:

Monday thru Wednesday                     Tuesday thru Thursday                       Wednesday thru Friday                  

Kingston Montessori Academy